"No matter if it's UNIX-­ or Windows-­Applications, Client­/Server­- or Stand­alone­- Applications, Internetportals or complex data base designs, every one of our developed components achieve the goal of being efficient, future-proof and ergonomic for the user...."
Of course this statemant can probably be found in almost every image brochure for a software developing company.
But as history or just a look in the newspaper will tell us, often enough there is a clear difference between requirements and the actual reality:

  • The specifications often only exist partially in a structured or written form or weren't thoroughly elaborated.
  • During the development the specifications change.
  • The client stops engaging in the development immediately after the assignment has started.
  • Plans for time­ and costs can't be met.
  • The Software is not implemented with the adequate effort, to be certain that the necessary acceptance is taken care of.
  • The product doesn't match the specifications. It has not been adapted to the specific processes, does not deliver the expected results, is neither simple or intuitiv to use and disables the work process instead of making it easier.

Many books have been written about all these reasons. A failure in the development is hardly ever the reason. In fact it makes much more sense searching for the errors in the pre-employed processes and frame conditions. Often organisationally, structurally and historically based problems, as well as ideolocical and political conflicts of interest can have a negative impact. Under which on the one hand the communication with the client suffers and on the other hand the specialist knowledge is no longer the main focus.

All employees NOVACOM are aware of this circumstances. To counteract the described NOVACOM tries to incorporate the simple principles of community and social togetherness in a modern society. These are principles of honesty, trustfulness, reliability, optimism, humour and tolerance which are integrated in to our projects and software. When this can be realised in a quality oriented and structured environment, then our experience is no matter what kind of business and no matter the complexity and size of the project ­, that positive results for all involved parties can be achieved without exception.