Too bad. At the moment we are not on the look out for new employees; or to be more exact: Software developers.
But this could change quickly, and then you can expect these challenges:

  • NO Startup but still a company in Berlin,
  • regulated working hours, long hours only in exceptional cases, up-to-date modern working environment, fair working conditions and short channels of communication,
  • a young, dedicated and highly qualified team. Colleagues and bosses who work with humour, and a positive and almost familial working climate,
  • we implement well-defined and praxis-oriented processes which have been expertly improved over 18 years. No organisational chaos, strictly object oriented way of working, no spaghetti-code and
  • on top of it all an interesting assignment. We offer products, that are used intensely by an ever-growing group of B2B-users of more than 20.000 all over the world that have access to our software in their specific language.
  • a company that offers a provisionary system and supports your pension plan financially.
  • maybe a possibility even during the day to learn from the best in Berlin when it comes to table soccer.
  • an also during work hours a place where common sense still counts for something.